These Bicycles Made From Old Cars Are Gorgeous And Green

Bicycled is a new company that's building bikes out of junked cars. While that sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster, the results are actually amazingly beautiful.

Each bike is hand-built from parts scavenged from old cars on junkyards. Think frames made of old space frames, saddles upholstered using leather seats, quick releases made from old knobs, and "chains" made from fan belts. There're even lights made from disused turn signals.

The result is a beautiful looking bike, rich in history and kind to the planet. The best bit? This shit is actually real: you can sign up to join the queue and actually get your hands on one of these things. While there's no confirmed pricing yet, you can bet they'll be expensive. [Bicycled]


    More like bicycle accessorised by car parts. I was expecting a lot more to be honest.

      So the frame, seat, seat lock, lights, chain, thsat kind of feels like most of the bike to me or is it the fact the wheels are not made from the old cars that bothers you? Not reusing tires as inner tubes wouldn't work so well i feel....

    The hipster of bikes.

      Since when was recycling a hipster thing to do? if you're going to insult them do it properly, call em a hippie.

    Interesting, and cool, but as a product - entirely too many man hours seemingly involved to be practical for any actual paradigm shift toward recycling.

    What a ridiculous concept. Why faff about spending numerous hours using high current electrical equipment just to make one bike that looks pretty much like any other. Here's an idea, why not simply start with a derelict bike (of which there are many) and restore it? - same outcome but a fraction of the cost and resources.

    Also this chap got all the materials from a scrapyard? WTF - has he stopped to actually think for a moment what scrapyards actually do apart from providing moody back drops to action movies and music videos? That's right they RECYCLE materials, primarily steel on an industrial scale. So are we to believe that making bikes is a more energy efficient way to process dead cars than crushing them and melting them down? Stupid.

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