These Are All The Cables That Carry The Internet Under The Sea

The internet connects us all, but it's easy to take for granted what a crazy accomplishment that is. After all, plenty of us live on different land masses. We've got to get that sweet, sweet internet across the deep blue sea somehow, and these are the underwater 'net pipes that get the job done.

TeleGeography has just updated its Submarine Cable Map for 2013, and the result is a fully interactive picture of the countless tendrils of internet that we've laid deep down on the ocean floor over the past decade and a half.

You can peruse the staggering (but very slow to load) interactive map over at TeleGeography's website, or you can scoff at the idea of dropping a whole $US250 to buy a physical copy.

Yes, there's quite the multi-tentacled beast down in the depths, lurking below the waves. It just happens to turn out that we put it there. [via @HNTweets]



    Nice to see that the Egyptians don't label the only country in the middle east with unrestricted/open internet (Israel) on their map, nothing new though.

      The Vartican, Antarctica, Scotland, Wales, and Andorra are not there either. So what's your point?

        Have a closer look, Andorra and Monaco are on the map. Antarctica, Scotland and Wales aren't countries and are not in the UN. There's only two countries in the UN not listed on the map, and one is Nauru (who are usually one of the few countries to always vote for Israel), so Sam P's point is quite clear

          You're right, Andorra is there though Scotland and Wales ARE both countries that are part of the United Kingdom and I never said Antarctica was a country - only that it was not mentioned on the map. So what is Sam P's point?

            I think he meant to say "sovreign state" not country. I might be going out on a limb here, but it seems his point was that the failure to label/recognise Israel on the map was a political statement of the Egyptian government's view of the legitimacy of Israel's sovreignty.

          Mong identified.

        The Vatican isn't a country. It's part of Italy.

          It is a country- it is an independent city state, with their own passports etc.

            what ozoneocean said.
            Vatican city is similar to US controlled West Berlin 'within' Soviet controlled Eastern Germany... well at least thats what i was taught in school

            Last edited 02/02/13 4:50 pm

              He didn't say Vatican City. He said "The Vatican".

              While that may seem pedantic, they are in fact two different things.

          The vatican is a soverign state recognized by most countries in the world as a country.

            Fun fact:

            The age of consent in Vatican City is twelve. Make of that what you will.

              Surely that's too old for most Catholic Priests.

                And it only applies to boys.

                  No, it doesn't. That just makes it even sadder, if that's possible.

              QI fun fact? hahaha...saw that ep the other day...

      That's quite funny.. would've been even better if they had labeled it "Palestine".

      This may be 'sponsored by' telecom egypt, but its made by TeleGeography, who are 'not' egyptian.

      Have a look at the 2012 map (hint, change 2013 to 2012 in the link) -- israel is their, the add still says sponsored by telecom egypt...

      it's an advert, nothing suss...

        Could still be suss given that the Muslim Brotherhood are in power now and the last map was probably approved under Mubarak.


          It's... An... Advert.
          You even read my post?

          The Egyption telco did NOT commission this, they're advertising on the page. TeleGeography just do this, been doing it for years. They are a freaking AMERICAN telco. How thick are you? Seriously?

    So.. Take out the node in Sydney and you pretty much cripple our international connections..?

      You'd halve it since the other connection in on the WA side, The most harm from severing links at Sydney would be to all those small places that have their only connection from there like New Caledonia, Fiji, Vanuatu and so on. Seems that's the reason for so many cables there- not coming it but going out.

      Last edited 02/02/13 3:14 pm

        The pacific islands wouldn't be taken off line if the sydney node was taken out. They are still connected to the US side.

          You're right, except for New Caledonia. -At least according to the chart.

        Isn't it showing that WA connection as pending? Also Tasmania doesn't seem to be connected at all. No wonder I have difficulty playing with friends in NSW...

          I'm pretty sure WA would be connected...? The old telecommunication cables and infrastructure been there for over 100 years, so it's pretty likley.

      There's more than one landing station so not just one 'node' to take out, also looks like PPC-1 isn't listed either?

    So, according to this map, Tasmania is not connected to the internet. Interesting...

      Guessing its only international cables

      And what Forign country do the cables from tasmania conect to?

      I know most mainlanders consider Tasmanians forigners due to the pale pasty complexion, strange speach and Bob Brown but technicaly they are Australians.

    Yeah but does the Perth connection have big enough pipes to serve the whole country?

    Hehehehe childish i know but i love the name of the cable that ands at perth, SeeMeWe!

    The cables also carry all phone calls. Just think how cheap international roaming could be if a telco owned a cable that went all the way around the globe. They would not have to pay the cable carrier for the bandwidth on the cable. That could drop the price for international roaming.

    Australia doesn't have internet.

    Eh, whatever happened to the one feeding into Darwin?

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