The Smuggler's Belt Helps Sneak Your Stash Around

You know those money belts over-cautious dorky tourists wear when they go to Europe? The Smuggler's Belt is like that, only much, much cooler.

It looks like a run-of-the-mill leather belt, but it has a hidden pocket behind the iron buckle where you can conceal your cash or valuables or weed or valuable weeds. You can only get to your stash when you take the belt off, making it a rather discreet accessory.

The Smuggler's Belt is $US245 because it's made to order, so make sure have to measure your waist before you order one. Looks like a good way to avoid pickpockets and inconspicuously sneak a stash into a Widespread Panic concert.

[Barrett Alley via CoolMaterial]

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