The Smallest Car In The World Is Painfully Tiny And Ridiculously Cute

On the BBC show Top Gear, host Jeremy Clarkson showed off a car so damn tiny that it hurts to ride it. Or, well, it looks pretty painful at least. Called the P45, the car is more like a go kart than a real car, but it's cute in a ridiculous way.

The helmet serves as a roof and windshield, while the armour he wears while driving the car is the car's body, and it looks fun as hell... until you hit a pothole and get smacked in the tailbone. I want a future where everybody drives these mini cars! [YouTube via Slate]


    genesis of the daleks anyone......................

    Seriously... This is a joke..! Anything with Clarkson in it is a joke, but this is just... Sooo fake! As in, no bloody way is this thing going to make into production.

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      spoken like someone who has clearly not watched the Top Gear episode.

      he seriously made this "car". it seriously passed all the government checks to legally drive it on Brittish roads. he took it on Dragon's Den to get funding. they basically laughed him off.

      realistic? no. fake? also no.

        You're right I didn't watch that episode! I stopped watching those idiots years ago when they took what was a decent show and turned it into fodder for the lowest common denominator. Given it has a number plate, I have to ask how it got past the roadworthy testing. I still think it will never make it into production..!

        oh hazzzaa.. Really bro??
        I have watched soo much Topgear and enjoyed it all, but you must understand the show is HEAVILY scripted. The whole dragonsden bit was pretty piss poor acting from everyone involved.

        I really worry about people who cannot tell the difference between obviously fake crap like this and real life. Sad.

      "Anything with Clarkson in it is a joke"

      ^ THIS about a billion times. I can't even bring myself to play the video, seeing him is too much.

    That a P45 is the form you get on employment termination in the UK is totally a coincidence? - not.

    Do we get to see the Stig drive it around the track?

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    Top Gear is going to put Jeremy Clarkson up somebodies bottom in that thing and give them an enema XD

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