The Odds Of Dying In A Freak Accident Are Higher Than You Think

When I hear that someone died in some freak accident that involves fireworks or sidewalks or parked cars or wild animals, I wonder to myself, what the hell are the odds of that freaking happening? The good thing? They're pretty high! The bad thing? It really, really sucks for that poor soul who's one in 50,729,141 to die from fireworks or one in 25,364,571 to die from a bee sting.

The Economist put together this nifty infographic showing the odds of death in certain circumstances in the US (and usually a little off the wall). It spurred from the fact that an asteroid was going to pass by Earth and how death by asteroid compares to death by everything else. Here's the full infographic below. I still think death by asteroid is the best and probably most fun way to go out.

[The Economist via Laughing Squid]

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