The Nexus 4's Charging Orb Is Now On Sale In Google Play, But Only In The US

The Nexus 4 has been around for a few months now, but the Android phone's pretty wireless orb charger is just now available in the Google Play store. The only catch is that you have to be in the US to get it. Don't worry, there are ways around it.

The accessory costs $US60 and is supposed to ship in less than a week. And while $US60 seems like a lot to spend on a charger, the unexpected monster demand for the Nexus 4 probably means it'll sell out soon. So if you want one, don't dawdle.

To get it sent to you in Australia, try using a third-party shipping service like HopShopGo, get a friend to send one over, or better yet, see if you can get one via a US proxy service and ship it here. Let us know how you go! [Google Play via Verge]



    From what i have read, this is great, except that other phones using it may have problems with sliding off..

      I think they have rubber surface. The round grey colour things

    I love the dimensions listed on the tech specs on the Play Store. Very precise.

    I want one for home & work, the reason I needed to trade up from my Gnex to the N4 was the USB port had died.

    If shipped from the US does it have a Aust. compatible power connector?

      Looks like it runs off micro USB. So yes, but you have to supply the Aus USB adapter :P

    I didn't have any intention of buying one from the US, but just wanted to see if I could. Using a VPN I was able to navigate the US play store and the total came to just over $71 US after taxes and shipping were added. $71 is steep enough without considering another $30-$50 for a shipping forwarder. Best to wait to till local availability I say.

    I want one but 70 bucks that expensive for a charger

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