The Next Xbox: Someone Has One And Has Spilled The Beans

Meet SuperDaE. You may remember him from such stories as the guy who tried to sell an Xbox Durango (read: the next Xbox) development kit on eBay, and has since been pouring over more dev kits, whitepapers and manuals to get as much information about Microsoft's newest console as possible. Now he says he's ready to share it with the world, and his information looks pretty solid. Find out what's in the next Xbox right here.

SuperDaE told Kotaku a whole mess of information about the new Xbox, codenamed Durango.

It will reportedly feature Blu-ray functionality, souped-up Kinect cameras that track you right down to your thumbs, a processing powerhouse under the hood, the ability to multi-task games so you can play more than one at once and a "natural evolution" of Xbox 360's controller.

Not only does SuperDaE claim to know what's in the new console, he says he's played a few new games, too. He likened the experience to jumping from Halo 2 on an original Xbox right up to Crysis on a high-end gaming PC.

SuperDaE claims we'll see the next Xbox in June around the time of the E3.

For a massive write-up of the leak, head over to Kotaku. [Kotaku]

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    Not to be overly critical, but I never realised how low the specs for XBOX really are, especially given these are for "next-gen".

      The specs for all consoles are really low, but when they are dedicated to one task, you don't need to have high end specs to do the job, though would love to have the latest Geforce or AMD car top of the line in one (cooling would be an issue) then the 10 year lifecycle would be amazing.

        Imagine how much that console would cost.

        Exactly. Take the PS2, probably the most successful console ever. The CPU clocked no higher than 300 MHz, the graphics chip at about 147.5 MHz, and it had 32 MB RAM; can you imagine a computer with those specs attempting to run the games it did? Lol.

          This! I remember playing shadow of the Colossus and thinking, 'How the hell is this little machine running this game?'

            I was a big WWE fan back then, used to get the new SmackDown (& SmackDown Vs Raw) game every year and it continued to amaze me how they kept managing to squeeze more detail into it with each game.

      The difference in RAM itself is massive, 16x the amount of RAM compared to the 360. Think how much more detail in the terrain can load at one time, and how much less you'll see things like tree's and mountains suddenly appearing in the background of GTA IV.
      The GPU clocks over 3x faster, and would have much more sophisticated built-in routines to take a lot of load off the rest of the system and game developers making things run much more efficiently, today's GPU's are much different to the ones they had 10 years ago, the same can be said about CPU's.

      Given the price will no doubt be modest compared to a similar specced PC I have no gripes. I'm more interested in whether it will still support XBMC and its many plugins. I actually have an i7 PC Media centre atm but I will seriously consider the Xbox if XBMC is still supported.

      Last edited 12/02/13 10:26 am

        XBMC is only supported on the original Xbox anyway, not the 360. So it's not really likely to supported under the next Xbox. But who knows?

          XBMC dropped support for xbox looooong ago.

            Doh...!! Now picture Homer S pulling out his singular hair... :)

            Last edited 12/02/13 2:22 pm

      It will be more than enough on a 1080p screen sitting back at around 3-4m. And for a console that is prices at around $300-$400 I doubt you'll get one, let alone two or three high end "PC" gaming cards which cost $1000ea on today's market.

      It's about optimisation and having dedicated hardware things will always run better, sounds like another companies philosophy doesn't it?

        hopefully it will be enough for 4k tv's... this console will certainly be around for the transition to 4k..

          Given 4K TVs are currently priced from $16,000 to $40,000, I can't see any company making a console with capabilities that target 0.000001% of the market at launch. I doubt we're going to see 4K TVs make significant cost reductions within the life cycle of a console generation either.

            I wouldn't necessarily assume that. Console lifespans are getting longer - the 360 is getting on 8 years old and the PS3 is over 6, which is an eternity in tech these days. I wouldn't write off the possibility of 4K TV prices dropping to "somewhat sane" levels, if not becoming downright affordable, within the next 6-8 years.

            Not to mention, Sony "made" the BluRay by including it in the PS3. By including 4K as a selling feature and demoing it with Bravias in store, who knows what could happen.

      At the very least, the lower clock speed should mean less power draw and less heat produced which in turn should mean the launch units this time might not try and burn themselves alive.

    I hate to be that guy, but "pouring" in the context written is meant to be spelled "poring"!

      Don't hate being that guy. Never be ashamed.

      - From, another one of those guys.

        Is that a brown schmear on your nose there..?

          Lol really? Egging someone on, is brownnosing? I think u need to look that word up mate.

    But does it play second hand games?

      Even further to that, what is deemed to be second hand? Currently I have 2 Xbox 360's in my house and if reports are correct, I won't even be able to take my original copy of the game I purchased and play it on the other of my Xbox's once I have played it on the other.

      We all know that that disabling function will be #1 on the Xbox hacking scene to get blown up. So Microsoft's biggest threat will end up being the biggest reason for people to hack their xbox's.

      You know its true.

    Until I hear it from Microsoft them self I will not be 100% convinced. Currently I am 60% convinced this is what it will be.

      I'm 42.1% convinced you're not 60% convinced.

        I'm around 80% that you're 42.1% conviced that he is 60% convinced.

          im 85% convinced, 45% of the time, every time

            Where did you get these percentages? The toilet store?

              I'm 90% sure that toilet stores don't exist.

              I'm 100% convinced that you're a dum-dum.

    What i mainly want, backwards compatability.

    I want to be able to upgrade and not require my old 360 to be plugged in as well.

    I don't care about these specs so long as we get native 1080p. If we don't then I'm probably not going to buy a console again.

    Biggest question...

    Consoles this generation theoretically could do 1080p HOWEVER decided in the long run it was best to settle on native 720p due to a better output of framerate yadda yadda yadda.

    Will this be able to pump out native 1080p and not drop back to 720p? I sure hope so...

      I hope so too. I remember on the launch of the 360, when I was not as well versed in the area of games and technology and whatnot, there was a lot of hype surrounding 1080p, as it was roughly the same time plasma and LCD were becoming the new big thing to own. And the whole time I didn't realise actual 1080p would never be accomplished on consoles. Six years later we still don't have anything higher than 720p aside from a select few games.

      I don't want to buy a console if we're going to be stuck with shitty old 720p for another six years or so.

    but does it have a red LED ring?

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