The Multitasking Toss-And-Chop Is Your Salad Making Secret Weapon

Toss, chop, whatever. Jump from the first step all the way to the final step of salad making, you lazy bum. This little scissor cyborg tool is a multitasker.

Throw all the ingredients from your leafy green mix in the bowl — lettuce, tomatoes, carrots — go nuts. Everything will get sliced and mixed together without having to make a stop at a cutting board first. Sure, it's basically just a knife and scissors and tongs all in one, for $US25.

But if you're lethargic and green-averse, it might be what it takes to get you making easy salads regularly. And there's nothing silly about that! Just don't poke (and toss) your eye out with it. [Sur La Table via Real Simple]

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