The Most Accurate Lego X-Wing Ever Will Induce Worldwide Nerdgasm

Witness Lego's Red Five X-wing Starfighter, the latest, baddest and biggest official set to come out of Denmark and, without a doubt, the most accurate and awesome Lego X-Wing ever created. Much better than the original Lego X-Wing Ultimate Collector Series, the previous best.

The X-Wing UCS was 1304 pieces. The Red Five X-Wing Starfighter is 1,558 pieces measuring a whooping 20 inches (52cm) long, 18 inches (46cm) wide and 10 inches (26cm) high (the previous one was 13 x 8 inches).

The price is not bad at all: only $US200 ($250 in Canada and 200€ in Europe). Considering that the original X-Wing UCS is getting a $US1300 price tag on eBay now, it's peanuts!

It will be available for sale directly through Lego this May.

Original Lego X-Wing Ultimate Collectors Series (left) compared to the new one (right)

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