The Most Accurate Lego X-Wing Ever Will Induce Worldwide Nerdgasm

Witness Lego's Red Five X-wing Starfighter, the latest, baddest and biggest official set to come out of Denmark and, without a doubt, the most accurate and awesome Lego X-Wing ever created. Much better than the original Lego X-Wing Ultimate Collector Series, the previous best.

The X-Wing UCS was 1304 pieces. The Red Five X-Wing Starfighter is 1,558 pieces measuring a whooping 20 inches (52cm) long, 18 inches (46cm) wide and 10 inches (26cm) high (the previous one was 13 x 8 inches).

The price is not bad at all: only $US200 ($250 in Canada and 200€ in Europe). Considering that the original X-Wing UCS is getting a $US1300 price tag on eBay now, it's peanuts!

It will be available for sale directly through Lego this May.

Original Lego X-Wing Ultimate Collectors Series (left) compared to the new one (right)



    so... it'll be $400AU??

    That will be AUD500....

      Not sure if you have looked at the US to AU exchange rate recently..

        It has nothing to do with the exchange rate -- it has to do with the way the multinationals rig their prices to suit the region.....

        I'm not sure that you understand how international companies price things in Australia. According to them, we're a 'niche' market, and thus it's justifiable to more than double the price.

    Shame there's no source links anywhere in this article (that I can see on my phone right now). But it looks incredible, and I'll be happy to import that.

    For the cost it will cost here: Buy a 3D printer and print one or two or five.

    $150 USD
    $250 AUD

    I didn't realise that multinationals get free shipping and distribution networks in our land. How dare they create jobs and try and make a profit!

      Lego has no shops in Australia, idiot.

    sure isn't the biggest, nor the most peices. not even close:

    3,152 pieces, 124cm long, over 3kg's in completed weight

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