The Mailbox App Registration Queue Is Now Beyond Insane

Mailbox is a beautiful, functional app for iOS that will let you take control of your email, and it opened up to new registrations this morning. The only problem is that it's getting harder and harder to get in. Mailbox is letting people have the app on a first-come, first-served basis, and you wouldn't believe how many have come so far.

At the time of writing, the queue stands at almost 450,000 registrations, with more users joining by the minute. In the half-hour I have been registered (I really should have done that earlier), almost 15,000 people have joined the queue behind me, while less than 100 have been served and activated.

Orchestra, the company behind Mailbox, have promised that the more time goes by, the faster the activation process will be. Here's hoping, too. At this rate, we'll all have the future of email sometime in 2015.

The best way Mailbox could now monetise its service is by throwing a button on the app that lets users pay to skip the queue, thereby netting the company millions. THAT is how to monetise an app. [Mailbox]



    "The best way Mailbox could now monetise its service is by throwing a button on the app that lets users pay to skip the queue,"

    hahahahaha too true. From the look of it it's just another e-mail app - doesn't look special at all to me. But it's well-marketed, and that's all it takes to get iPhone users excited. Set up a system whereby you can pay more to get further ahead - say $1 for 500 places ahead in the queue; $10 for 10,000 places ahead; $50 for 100,000 places ahead. They'll be rolling in it!

      How about a commission based scheme with a "Sell your place in the queue" button.

    Downloaded it this morning and there are currently 403,932 people in front of me, with a further 48,500 waiting behind. I'm not sold on Mailbox from what I've seen in the previews, but it does have a slick design and some interesting mail management ideas. Certainly keen to give it a go when the cue has settled.

      Suck on it mofo! 154 886 in front of me and 333 628 and climbing behind.

      I just like queuing, I'll probably never use it but it feels good have a low number.

        How much you want for your spot?

    Inability to process requests in a timely fashion does not make for a good app.

    As good as the app may be, you still can't make it your default mail client.

      I'm sure that will be overcome with a tweak in Cydia shortly. Just as it was with Sparrow. The new iOS6 jailbreak is so easy to do, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't.

      (cue reply about why you shouldn't have to jailbreak to set native apps, and how much better Android is... ;-) )

      I do however agree it sucks that iOS has no ability to set default apps, nor does it have Android's excellent "intent" system to allow apps to hook into one another so easily. I don't think you'll find many iOS users that would disagree with that fact. We're not all the "blind sheep fanboys" some narrow minded Android users make us out to be :-)

    App fail! Despite the good marketing its most likely going to get bad press now because nobody can use it for up to a year or more!

    I got 50000 ahead of me, willing to sell lol.

    I must have gotten in early, 102,785 in front of me, 613,880 behind....

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