The HTC One's Camera Is Actually Quite Impressive In Initial Tests

Last night HTC held an event in Sydney to take the covers off of the HTC One locally, and we got our first chance to go hands-on. We had been worried about the camera previously on the HTC One, saying that the four-megapixel sensor — despite its ultrapixel goodness — might be ignored by some users. Turns out the HTC One beats the pants off of the Samsung Galaxy S III in pretty much all of the tests last night.

Chris over at Lifehacker whipped out his Galaxy S III and put it toe-to-toe against the HTC One, and the four-megapixel camera in the One performed admirably, especially in low-light.

Here are a couple of his test images, but you should head on over to the full post to see more.

Window Test: Samsung Galaxy S III (left) vs. HTC One (right)

Images: Chris Jager

Update: we have taken the photos from the low-light test down after the EXIF data revealed that the flash had been fired in one of the images, therefore rendering the test irrelevant. Sorry for any confusion. We'll have our full review of the HTC One shortly. [Lifehacker]

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