The First GIF Search Engine Is Hilariously Bad

There's a Google specifically for GIFs now. Giphy is a great and noble cause and we hope it gets better some day. But as it stands now, it's humorously awful and painfully slow.

For example, for some reason this weird Amy Poehler GIF is filed under Star Wars.

This Harry Potter GIF is in the Star Wars section too.

As is Lana del Rey running her fingers through her hair.

When you search "Drake" you get this random crowd surfing kid in a wheelchair.

And this is the single GIF for "Top Gun".

But there are 1454 results for Ryan Gosling. And this adorable dog is one of them.

Logically under Jennifer Lawrence, you'll dig up this Game of Thrones snippet.

So until Giphy gets its crap together, we're... sad? Or whatever this GIF is supposed to result from the "sad" section.

[h/t @Jaredbkeller]

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