The First 25 People On Facebook Are All Crazy Successful Now

Today is Facebook's ninth birthday, and 25 people were there for its arrival. BuzzFeed FWD has tracked them down.

The earliest users are mostly Zuckerberg's Harvard cronies, from fraternity brothers to people who actually helped him build Facebook. Surprise! They're all ridiculously successful now. Including, of course, crackbook's founder and patient zero, Mark Zuckerberg. It's worth checking out who was on board when Facebook got its start. Check it out the whole roster at FWD. [FWD]


    If by crazy successful you mean 'have jobs', then yes they are.

    Leslie, did you even read the article on FWD before posting about it?

      Some of them don't even have jobs. Maybe the headline was meant to read crazy or successful. I clicked the link expecting to see amazing success stories, only to be greeted by fairly ordinary stories.

      Yeah lol, 23. Billy Olson "is a firefighter" CRAZY SUCCESSFUL!!! omg

        actually he strikes me as possibly having the most dignified job of the lot.
        A Fireman. They deserve a lot more praise than someone who flogs advertising.
        Certainly a lot more community spirited than say .. oh, I dunno .. Zuckerberg?

          Well said.

    "Harvard Alumni Have good Jobs Nine Years Later" groundbreaking journalism.

    What a pile of jobby. Why do I keep coming back? I think I will giv Giz a rest. needs an option to filter out anything written by the US "journalists"

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