The Church Of Scientology Is Going On A Publicity Drive In Australia

Looking to combat the sweeping generalisation that scientology is reserved exclusively for nutbags and high-profile celebrities, the Church Of Scientology is going on an ad drive in Australia, and it has made its messages similar to one of Apple's classic "Think Different" ads.

The ad is the same one that the church aired during this year's Superbowl, and you should expect to see it on your screens soon.

Buzzfeed and mUmbrella both point out that the ad is very reminiscent of Apple's famous "Think Different" campaign.

Along with the ad, the Church of Scientology has released a media guide for journalists to tell them how they have been misrepresenting the church, while appearing on high-profile talk shows to rep the church's "brand".

Is this campaign going to do anything for the Scientologists? [mUmbrella]

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