The Church Of Scientology Is Going On A Publicity Drive In Australia

Looking to combat the sweeping generalisation that scientology is reserved exclusively for nutbags and high-profile celebrities, the Church Of Scientology is going on an ad drive in Australia, and it has made its messages similar to one of Apple's classic "Think Different" ads.

The ad is the same one that the church aired during this year's Superbowl, and you should expect to see it on your screens soon.

Buzzfeed and mUmbrella both point out that the ad is very reminiscent of Apple's famous "Think Different" campaign.

Along with the ad, the Church of Scientology has released a media guide for journalists to tell them how they have been misrepresenting the church, while appearing on high-profile talk shows to rep the church's "brand".

Is this campaign going to do anything for the Scientologists? [mUmbrella]


    I would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork, than become a Scientologist.

    The advertisements scare me. Bait for the gullible.

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      I have to agree, its such a good add that i think it will lure the gullible like the pied piper who dont believe Scientology to be the scum ridden nonsense it is.

    I for one welcome our couch-jumping overlords.

    I really like the message in those commercials until the end.
    Think for yourself, ask questions, don't follow the crowd...Oh and believe in what we tell you is true because FAITH!

    It also does remind me a lot of some Apple ad's. Kind of highlights how religion's and big advertisers are playing off the same mechanisms in our brains to get results.

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    Looking to combat the sweeping generalisation that scientology is reserved exclusively for nutbags and high-profile celebrities
    Pfwaa ha ha ha.... Scientology is a sad joke that is actually making millions out of sad little people! If someone doubts you let 'em..! Yeah don't let the facts get in the way of your faith..! Oh and did they posthumously make Einstein a Scientologist too..?

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      Seriously though, is there some kind of monitory benefit to being a member? Otherwise I just don't get it?

        Yes, you nailed it... they get cash off you to do "self improvement" courses.

    End the ad at the 35 second mark and it plays perfectly as an advertisement for atheism.

      As an atheist I agree wholeheartedly with you. I also just like to say I'm disgusted that this is allowed to happen, but then scientology's outrageous claims are really no more outrageous then any of the other equally ridiculous religions.

        The difference with Scientology is that you will absolutely definitely have an empty bank account and have worked 1,000s of hours for them for free.

        The problem is that once someone belongs to a cult the act of trying to get them to leave the cult in fact reinforces their belief in the cult :-(

        Advert is just trying to play up to the 'im an individual/non-formist crowd' and actually makes no reference to any of their batsh*t insane beliefs. Because they are truly insane beliefs - not just the space stuff/rebirth, but the way they're 'authorised' to treat people.

      End the ad at the 35 second mark and it plays perfectly as an advertisement for anything.

      Actually you are exactly right and here is proof.

      I saw a version on Reddit that changed the to an atheist website. And it would surprise me if they try to scam into and piggy back the atheist movement.

    Scientology shouldn't even be classed as a religion in Australia, plenty of other Western countries don't accept it as one, but typical Australia bending over to religion and anything with money, we have to be one of the most corrupt Western nations.

    EDIT: but let's not forget that Scientology only has about 2000 members in Australia, despite them claiming to have 150,000.

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    All religions should pay tax, none of this exempt status crap.

      I agree giving tax free only benefits the corporatism which is religion.

      Sure, let's start with all the religions that spend millions on a superbowl ad that starts off sounding like a promotion for atheism. Please realise how your sweeping statements prevent anything specific being done about the behaviour of a particular church.

      And all corporations should not be able to send money to overseas parent companies and right the money off as management expenses to avoid paying tax.

      How do you propose that would be enforced? Not all religions have one central authority ala Christianity.

        Christianity doesn't have a central authority either, except God. Individual denominations might, but not necessarily.

    Heh... "Only thing that's true is what's true.. for you."

    What a BS tag line for a 'church' who's dogma stipulates that you can't associate with someone who public says they don't believe in Scientology.

    Good luck with that. Don't forget, if you're in a car accident, better hope there's a Scientologist nearby. They're the only ones who can help, according to Mr. Cruise.

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    Damnit, i was waiting at the end to see, Introducing the New iPad 5.

    there should be a law against religions/cults advertising trying to recruit new members

    Google Carly Crutchfield - Australia's most famous scientologist... Scam artist and complete fraud, Nick Xenophon nailed this cult and hopefully soon the children's slave compound in Dundas will be raided by the authorities. They make little kids sign billion year contracts there.

    The fact that L Ron Hubbard set up scientology as a bet (he bet an old navy buddy he could use his science fiction writing to make a religion) amuses me, and deeply bothers me at the same time. The guy was a fraudster and a heavy drug user. The South Park episode on scientology is my favourite and is a must see, and it makes me laugh that it pissed Tom Cruise right off. Written by John Smith, Jane Smith.

    Their major headquarters in Melbourne is on my tram route to school, must say its quite nice for some type of bank, with all the security cameras, and high fences.

    Sadly there are cars parked there when I go past, hopefully its just the employees or people taking advantage of the "Free parking", their major draw card to get you in, from the sign out front.

    I intend to join as soon as possible.
    Any religion that promises that I will get a free return trip to Venus when I die has got to be serious:
    And I might get to meet Xenu ( who stacked millions of people around a volcano and destroyed them with a hydrogen bomb. You can't just make up that sort of stuff. That's gold!
    It's not Scientology that I dislike, it's the people who believe in Scientology.

    Hallowed are the Ori.

    I don't particularly like religion, but at least the 'traditional' ones can be practiced without having to buy dozens of books and being forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars for 'enlightenment' sessions to prove you're worthy enough.

    I like how many commenters are saying its not a religion or people who believe in Scientology are nutters. So believing that you are an immortal being is more crazy than believing in an all encompassing god who watches over everyone from a heavenly place? - or substitute that with any religious belief. And scientology actually starts sounding just as believable (or unbelievable in my case). The fact that you have to pay for the courses just show how gullible people are.

    When I first heard of Scientology, I thought it was some sort of test to demonstrate how people can believe things based on the word of man and how feeble the human condition is that we will accept any answer to make ourselves feel better, regardless of whether it is true or not. Soon after they will all come out and say "Just joking guys it was all made up, see how easy it was to start a religion based on bullshit".

    Then this never happened and I die a little on the inside every time I hope it is true.

    I like the oatmeal comics a lot and this one is particularly poniont (especially the bit about mocking other religions).

    Maybe not describing the system of beliefs you hold as a "brand" would be a start? That's corporate-speak, and you're not a corporation, are you?

    That video almost works on me except for 2 things:

    1) I'm a conformist
    2) From a professional perspective, you've almost completely mis-defined "knowledge" (but, to be fair, defining it is difficult, so you're not alone there). What you're talking about is closer to "lore", but I guess that doesn't sell the "brand" as effectively.

    Well, 3 things, on reflection, since there's something suspiciously convenient about a religion set up by a (mediocre) sci-fi writer who purely by chance discovered that we are all reincarnated space creatures. Kinda like if Jesus had said that the path to heaven was possessing lots of carved and crafted wood.

    Once you all accept xenu is lord you will all be far better off

    'Who don't care about labels, but care more about truth'... AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    I know a poor girl who luckily ran away from the slave camp at Dundas.. she lost her mother to them, and her mother signed their two eastern Sydney suburb property's to scientology. . It's sad that their influence is so powerful here.. governments won't help because there's too much money and kickbacks involved..

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