The Biggest Transformer Ever: Metroplex, And All The New Transformers From Toy Fair

If you're not a Transformers fan, you'd be excused if you didn't know exactly who Metroplex is. After some comprehensive research, we've figured out he's really tall and holds Optimus in his hand a lot. Oh, also, he's a new gigantic 61cm transformer — the biggest ever made.

Metroplex is gigantic and turns into a freaking CITY. Or a vehicle. A big theme this year is bringing back more three-way transformers. The big guy will be $US125, and has a bunch of electronic parts and sounds and movements, but it's still a little disappointing, given Hasbro said it considered (probably for like 30 seconds before everyone stopped bashing each other in the head with hammers) making Metroplex five feet tall.

In other news! We've rounded up images of all the new Transformers coming out after Toy Fair. A lot are tied in to the new Beast Hunters series, which has the Autobots chasing around "Predacons", which is really just an excuse to make a freaking transforming robot dragon. He's called Predacon King Dragon. And the Optimus from Beast Hunters sorta looks more like a murderous meat wagon than a Prime, but hey, they look pretty cool.

The other stuff you'll see, the more pieced together Transformers, are called Constructobots. You can piece them together and build them from scratch. They come with anything from 35 to 135 pieces, and they're all interchangeable. So you can mix Optimus's parts with Megatron's and implode the universe. They also come with red and purple drawers, so you can keep your pieces separate if you're robot racist.

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