The Big Super Bowl Blackout Was Caused By A Boringly Faulty Relay

Beyoncé? The Illuminati? Aliens? Nothing so interesting caused the big Super Bowl blackout last Monday. According to Entergy Corp, which was in charge of power at the event, the outage was due to the boring failure of a boring electrical relay device.

Installed to prevent damage to Superdome equipment in case of a cable failure, the relay in question functioned boringly well during a number of other Bowls like the Sugar Bowl and the New Orleans Bowl, but apparently this most recent one was too super to handle. As such, the relay boringly triggered and opened a switch that should not have been opened. The end.

Entergy described the whole thing this way in a statement:

While some further analysis remains, we believe we have identified and remedied the cause of the power outage and regret the interruption that occurred during what was a showcase event for the city and state.

So there you have it. Nothing to see here. [Reuters]

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