The Beanbag Has Finally Been Perfected

Beanbags are just fine, sure. But Kumeko has built a better beanbag, and it's called the Snug Chair.

Ever wanted to be swaddled like a baby? Ever wanted to chill out inside of a paddled shell that adjusts to your body position? Or, how about sleeping inside of a laundry basket? The last one, maybe not so much. If you're interested, contact Kumeko here for a quote. Snug: the ultimate nap zone.

[Kumeko via Inhabitat]


    I was kinda interested until I saw the prices range from 416 Euros for a Small to 620 Euros for a Large, excluding shipping. No thanks.

      So about the same price as bean bags... Good branded bean bags i mean... I had to settle for a $50 one off ebay because they want anywhere upwards of $400 for one in the shops. (i'm talking about a big bean bag, one adults can actually fit in not the tiny kids size ones at kmart that say they are for adults but aren't. :) look up lovesac

    Also becomes a handy body bag for those times a body bag is needed.

      I just wish they came in twelve-packs...

    I like my ladies to appear out of a cake, thank you.

    If I didn't already have a 6' LoveSac taking up most of my living room...

      and if I didnt have a supersac, as well as a gamersac taking up my room

        Just a supersac for me, one day I'll have a bigger room and/or ditch the lounge suite altogether :D

    Cool design... I'll just wait for someone from China to perfect it then I will get it for considerably less.

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