Telstra To Release 150Mbps 4G Devices This Year

Telstra To Release 150Mbps 4G Devices This Year

Telstra has just pledged to make its already fast 4G network even faster this year with the introduction of what it calls “Category 4” devices. What is Category 4? Bloody fast is what.

Category 4 devices are currently being tested in Telstra’s network testing facilities up to speeds of 150Mbps, which is phenomenal. Before you get excited, however, we need to remember that the devices probably won’t be that fast by the time you get your hands on it.

In live trials in Perth, Telstra reported real-world speeds of 90Mbps, which is still over twice the speed it quotes as the maximum for the current 4G network and its relevant devices.

The speeds will also depend on the available spectrum in relevant areas. Perth and Esperance will get access to the devices first due to the fact that they each have over 20MHz of contiguous spectrum available.

Category 4 devices coming this year include a wireless internet dongle and a handset. Whatever will it be? [Telstra]