Telstra Is Giving Loyal Customers Free Stuff Now

Telstra Is Giving Loyal Customers Free Stuff Now

The worst thing about being with a telco for ages is not getting any love for your loyalty, right? Telstra’s now doing its best to combat that feeling, though, with the launch of a new loyalty program to give loyal customers free access to music and music events, sporting events and movie tickets.

Picture by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The new loyalty program is called “Thanks”, and it’s Telstra’s way of giving its customers an internet hug.

Telstra outlined a bunch of movie offers you can get from today, including $10 movie tickets from Event, Moonlight and Village Cinemas, along with movie “experiences” you can’t get elsewhere.

The first exclusive movie offer Telstra has going for its customers is the opportunity to have a walk on role in the Ewan McGregor film, Son Of A Gun.

There aren’t any details about music or sport offers from Thanks just yet, but we’ll let you know when we get them. The movies partnership builds on Telstra’s deal with flybuys from last year.

Telstra isn’t the only one that can offer cheap movies to its customers, however. Optus has been offering $10 Hoyts movie tickets since late last year.

Go here to check out what you can score.