Telstra Is Giving Loyal Customers Free Stuff Now

The worst thing about being with a telco for ages is not getting any love for your loyalty, right? Telstra's now doing its best to combat that feeling, though, with the launch of a new loyalty program to give loyal customers free access to music and music events, sporting events and movie tickets.

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The new loyalty program is called "Thanks", and it's Telstra's way of giving its customers an internet hug.

Telstra outlined a bunch of movie offers you can get from today, including $10 movie tickets from Event, Moonlight and Village Cinemas, along with movie "experiences" you can't get elsewhere.

The first exclusive movie offer Telstra has going for its customers is the opportunity to have a walk on role in the Ewan McGregor film, Son Of A Gun.

There aren't any details about music or sport offers from Thanks just yet, but we'll let you know when we get them. The movies partnership builds on Telstra's deal with flybuys from last year.

Telstra isn't the only one that can offer cheap movies to its customers, however. Optus has been offering $10 Hoyts movie tickets since late last year.

Go here to check out what you can score.

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    Link is 404? D:

    Would be nice to get something back.


      We practise commenter loyalty, so I'll give you a free upvote for pointing out that I'm rubbish at links sometimes.

        All good! I tried to have a mash around on links to figure if I could work it out, but nope - at least you guys are on the ball ;)

          Ugh, realised how condescending my first post was. I meant something back from Telstra :)

            We always like to give something back to our readers! Here's some hysterical nonsense for your loyalty.

    *removed comment*
    serves me right for preloading a dozen articles before reading them

    Last edited 25/02/13 9:16 am

    "Telstra isn’t the only one that can offer cheap movies to its customers, however. Optus has been offering $10 Hoyts movie tickets since late last year."

    Yes, Optus has been doing $10 Hoyts movie tickets ever since their partnership with Event Cinemas to offer $10 tickets ended last.. November? Looks like they ditched Optus (or were dumped by Optus) and jumped on the T bandwagon

    Personally I'd rather just cheaper service but eh whatever works

      What aspect in particular about Telstra's pricing aren't you happy with?

      I can't say anything for their internet or home phone services because I'm not with them, but I am with them for my mobile and I find their pricing has become very competitive in the past couple of years. Yes they are still more expensive than Optus and Vodafone but you also get better coverage and service so you get what you pay for.

        Would just like discounts really.. like you get in the insurance industry. For example, you've been with us for 5 years, we're going to discount your bill by 10% for 12 months.. or something like that. Other industries do it, not just insurance, so why not this industry as well? The main reason I would change providers (and my friends/family do) is the ongoing service pricing. If another provider can give me a small saving for switching, why can't the current provider match that.. or at least provide the discount they give to people who are switching to them or signing up for the first time? If I switched and then switched back, I'd get the discount.. but no love for the loyalty of staying with them.

          Yes, this. I'm not unhappy about how much I'm paying with Telstra, but surely they could either give the option of a discount on a bill or give more prepaid bonuses (even if it means more funny money credit) over something like movie tickets

          Agree. Even if it was something like: You can have $5 off your bill or a $10 voucher.

          Sure, that $10 is worth more but it's locked into something. That $5 could be spent on anything, thus in some cases could represent better value if you just *needed* that $5.

          (Note: I am using the $10 because that's what was mentioned in article. Could be anything. And if you have a $30/month, plan $5 off as I suggest is quite a good saving)

    I am with both Optus and Telstra, and considering the very limited amount of Hoyts cinemas in QLD, have been missing out since the Optus Rewards movie changes last year. So glad that Telstra has partnered with Event Cinemas now.

    I thought free stuff for loyal customers (been with Telstra for over 7 years) would mean free devices, such as a 4G WiFi modem, or phone, extra data, free months access or something, but it is just movie tickets, whoop-de-do.

    Last edited 25/02/13 12:50 pm

      I was expecting something free too, not just a discount. Still, maybe this is just the beginning. I'd love for Telstra to offer free hardware to existing clients as it would be win/win for all. Telstra get more cash from data plans, customer gets free hardware.

    Sounds great. So I just need the $240 for the return bus ticket to my nearest cinema plus overnight accommodation. But that $10 ticket makes it all worth while...

    This is not a loyalty reward from Telstra it is a marketing gimmick from the Cinemas.

    i have been with telstra for quite some time, thought the plans are getting 'slightly' better .. emphasize slightly, where i live in qld you can only get telstra 3g service. From my understanding this is due to Telstra refusing to release any of their 3g repeater towers to other providers, therefore provides no choice to providers to people out here. If I had an option, it would not be with Telstra what so ever, and having to be on a 4G mobile plan, and 4G WIFI just to keep contact with family interstate is the only available option. That 10 dollar ticket for the cinemas, welllllll..... like trevor said, with bus tickets, I would have to catch a plane, *which might spare the expense of accomodation* just to watch a movie I can download off the net. Brilliant I'm sooo there! not... For telstra users in the same predicament, look on the bright side, least ya not payin extra data at$2 per meg on broadband plans as we were several years ago..... this is the onli way to get money back these days is dedicate your broadband for downloads and use mobile tethering carefully for normal use, cause even if it is slowed you still can get things done (Ofcourse depending on the plan) ...

    8.96GB used so far

    100% of 8GB allowance
    953MB excess
    speed slowed
    23 days remaining
    29 Jul - 28 Aug

    *This might be nothing but a little tanty spit to many readers, but least we can get something back without the need to ask. I did read someone say something about more data :)

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