New Android Apps: SwiftKey 4, Vector, And More

You probably won't do a backflip over a flight of stairs in real life, but you'll do it on your Android phone. And you'll stay organised. And you'll send lewd pictures that expire in three seconds to your friends. Or at least you will if you're checking out this round of the apps of the week.

SwiftKey 4: SwiftKey is a really good Android keyboard replacement. The newest version introduces something called Flow, which lets you slide to the space bar so you don't have to pause your typing, ever. $1.99

Snapchat: Ready your sexts. The photo-sharing app has launched on Android with video features, too. Free

Any.Do: Sometimes you just need a little help remembering things. This well-designed to-do list app will assist you. It has voice controls, auto-correct features, and it syncs with the cloud. Free

Vector: A flip off the side of a building? In real life? No way in hell. But you can try your hand at Parkour in an Android arcade-style running game and not worry about breaking your neck. Free

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