Stream Sony's PlayStation 4 Event Live Here

Sony is announcing something today. Something big. People are lining up in New York City right now to see what will probably be the PlayStation 4. Thankfully, you don't have to miss out. Watch the live stream with us right here!

As the event gets underway, what do you want from the next PlayStation?

Make sure to follow Mark's live blog over at Kotaku in another window, too.


    Backwards compatibility, ability to play all media files (MKVs), and of course - fantabulous games

      yea but sony add cineva, so mkv playback is almost pointless

        Assuming the content is pirated that is. Which, believe it or not, a lot of MKVs I have aren't in fact pirated. I've be slowly copying my blu rays onto my NAS drive at home as MKV files and have streamed them via my (jailbroken) Apple TV. Problem is the ATV2 frequently runs out of memory on higher quality streams

          problem is weather you own the blu-ray or not cineva still applys unfortunitly

    If it offers full PS3 backwards compatibility, I'll grab one at launch.

    Edit: and I don't mean that lame game streaming service. Until we get the NBN, that's useless.

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    I'll be watching.. But mainly to find out what to expect from the new Xbox. I'll not purchase a Sony product again following the foul up that was the PS3. If I were stupid enough to purchase one I'd expect the following:
    - My personal information to be completely secure
    - Updates that run in the background and are less frequent
    - Updates that actually do something I can experience
    - Backwards compatability
    - A completely revamped and functional media management tool that has a fucking search feature
    - The ability to watch whatever I want without Sony's pathetic DRM kicking in
    - Open Source app development that isn't managed by Sony
    - A smaller console that doesn't need it's own shelf or sound proofing
    - Console communication that gives me more of a choice outside of PSN or Facebook
    I'd go on, but the rest get kind of mean.. I'm sick of Sony.

    Is anyone else not getting sound? or is it just the stream.. :/

      Just the stream I think, but my video is definitely struggling too :(

        aaaaaand now audio is working :) do a refresh.

    oculus rift support!!!! please!!

    Stream is down! How can Sony expect to stream next gen games to consoles and not keep a live video up

    I noticed that they put an emphasis on Social playing but I don't recall anything about Cross gaming chat. Do you think the PS4 will have this function?

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