New Android Apps: Zombie Road Trip, RateBeer, And More

Whether you're watching the big game this weekend willingly, or otherwise, we have you covered in the apps department. Trying to avoid the Super Bowl? We have some new games for you. Rooting for your hometown team? We're thinking of you too in this round of the best Android apps of the week.

RateBeer: You're not watching the game this weekend without beer. Use this app to make sure you're drinking the best brew and you know where to buy it. Free

Zombie Road Trip: And now for something completely unrelated to football, a game where speed also matters but only in that you have to drive away from zombies, lest they eat you. Hopefully you have a lead foot finger. Free

Old School Defense: Just like in the movie of the same name, that arsehole the dean is trying to kick your frat off campus. In this tower defence game, you have to beat him by warding off his lame-o party crashers. And then you're going streaking. Free

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