Square's Business In A Box Is An One-Stop Startup Kit

Square's quest for small business domination continues in the form of Business in a Box, a convenient, all-in-one package that intends to get small businesses up, running and using as many Square products as possible.

One box comes with two Square Readers, an iPad stand, a cash drawer and a receipt printer (optional because who uses paper anymore, grandpa), all of which will, of course, work with a wireless Square Register.

As far as startup budgets go, the whole package seems pretty affordable, starting at $US300. Square claims the packages are customisable, but so far, that seems limited to tacking on a printer for another $US300. Square's already begun taking orders for the new set right over here. [Square]



    Is An One?
    Really? Surely to work for Gizmodo you should have a reasonable grasp of the English language...

    This must be very cheap equipment because I remember I worked at a servo and somebody stole the cash drawer and the replacement was over a thousand dollars.

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