Spy Shots Show Alleged Next iPhone Under Construction

Contrary to reports that Apple is retiring the iPhone forever, 9to5Mac pulled over these Chinese snapshots of what they say is Foxconn assembly line. And on that assembly line — yep, The Next iPhone. Maybe.

The shots, if they are real (and given China's track record with leaked photos the last time around, probably are) confirm what we already guessed. The iPhone 5S, or whatever name it might take, will just be a faster, stronger iPhone 5. It's going to be the same size. Really, it'll probably look the exact same. But the Chinese images show internals that've been shifted around, indicating the presence of new parts that couldn't fit where they used to. So, yes: a faster processor, maybe more memory, maybe some other things!

9to5Mac also notes that the iPhone 5 HD will go back to the vibration motor used in previous models, which was thicker (a strange choice) but also louder (a welcome choice for anyone habitually late to work).

Expect more photos where these came from. When it comes to iPhone leaks, when it rains, it pours. Head over to 9to5Mac for the rest of the shots. [9to5Mac]

Bonus: Grainy photo of Foxconn workers in clean suits sitting around shooting dice or something.



    Makes sense given the rumour I was given about the iPhone 5S coming only 6-7 months after the 5.

    Come on guys, how long have you been covering Apple products? The phone on the right is clearly some iPhone ripoff; no way would Apple create such a haphazard layout.

      Yeah isn't iphone circuitry all black and sexy looking, with fancy black batteries? I've seen batteries like that in my cheap cordless phone.

    It's a clone guys, nothing to see here.


    Even 9 to 5 mac has already updated that it's a clone: http://9to5mac.com/2013/02/11/alleged-iphone-5s-assembly-line-shots-show-new-internal-layout-linear-motor/

    Guess that's the problem with syndicating other people's content. One person gets it wrong and everyone looks like a horse's ass.

    looks like a cheap clone. Actually, looks like the original iPhone http://images.appleinsider.com/ifixit-iphone-teardown-24.jpg

    Credit to iFixit.com

    This picture says it all really. http://twitpic.com/c1ucxk

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