Spider Blamed For Sydney House Explosion. Yes, Really.

Spider Blamed For Sydney House Explosion. Yes, Really.

Spiders are evil, there’s no doubt about that, but today the threat from the eight-legged beasts got real. NSW Police are blaming a spider for a deadly house explosion that nearly claimed the life of an elderly woman. You won’t believe this until you read it.

Police were called to a home in the Sydney-suburb of Kirribilli following an explosion inside the home of a 66-year old woman.

The woman reported seeing a spider on top of her washing machine and she naturally grabbed the bug spray and had at it. The eight-legged crawly fled underneath the washing machine, which is where the trouble really began.

The woman sprayed bug spray underneath the machine which fire fighters believe ignited when it came into contact with the hot engine of the machine, which had been running at the time.

The explosion also blew up the washing machine, which more than likely killed the spider in question.

Police, however, are incredibly thorough, and added at the end of their report:

There was no sign of the spider.

Good work, cops. Let this be a lesson to all of you: never trust a spider. [NSW Police]

Spider image by Shutterstock