Sony Centres Liquidating Stock Today

Looking for a bargain on Sony gear? Try this on for size: Sony is liquidating the stock from all of its Sony Centres around New South Wales today to make way for new, smaller Sony concept kiosks. That means bargains for you!

Get down to your local Sony Centre if you can and check out what it has on offer because specials vary on all of its products, but at a top level, you'll be able to get around 25 per cent off headphones, MP3 players and clock radios, while you'll likely save 10 - 15 per cent on cameras and laptops. Specials vary on all products, and we couldn't nail down a ballpark saving on Sony's TV range.

It's not quite a fire sale, but it's not a bad time to strike if you're a Sony buyer looking for a bargain. For more info on Sony's retail strategy going forward, check out the Current story. [Current]

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