Sergey Brin Thinks Your Smartphone Makes You Less Manly

Sergey Brin Thinks Your Smartphone Makes You Less Manly

Hey, sweetheart, nice iPhone. Nice Android, too. It matches your Hello Kitty mug and bra. In fact, it’s downright “emasculating,” according to Google co-founder and Professional Computer Face Sergey Brin. So, stop throwing your manliness away.

It takes a lot for an asinine comment at TED to surface above the asinine sea-froth that is TED itself, and yet, CNET reports:

Speaking at the TED Conference today in Long Beach, Calif., Brin told the audience that smartphones are “emasculating.” “You’re standing around and just rubbing this featureless piece of glass,” he said.

I’ve never felt like my smartphone drains my masculinity, but that could be due to not having very much to begin with, or because I’m always using apps where I tap boobs and stuff. Guy stuff. Macho guy stuff. But Sergey disagrees: there’s something fundamentally emasculating about using a smartphone. Touching the glass. It’s hard to say what about “rubbing” a “piece of glass” is castrating smartphone users, or what a more virile alternative would be. But it’s hard to imagine Google Glass, Brin’s obvious foil to the standard smartphone, as anything remotely virile: it’s a hugely dorky face accessory that has to be delicately spoken to or — yep! — rubbed in order to function.

I mean, just look at that guy. [CNET]