Security Company Neutering 100s Of iPads So The US Government Can Use Them

Traditionally, Blackberry has been the choice of the security conscious, but the times are changing. iOS has been shaping up to be pretty secure and has even coaxed some US government agencies to jump ship. Now a security firm in Virginia is "neutering" iPads so G-men can use those too.

The report comes from Bloomberg, which says the company with the cyber-snippers is one CACI International Inc. What this "neutering" process — CACI's own words — actually involves is anyone's guess, but chances are it has something to do with the wireless capabilities, and maybe the camera. CACI CEO Dan Allen put it this way to Bloomberg: "It's a neutered iPad. We're working on how do we effectively brand it."

According to Allen, any iPads you already see in a government leader's hands, probably came from CACI or someone they work with. So far no one in the government has made a statement about whether or not Obama's iPad has gotten the treatment, but it doesn't seem unlikely. If this really takes off, you could start seeing a lot more iPads in active government service, but only if they've lost their fun bits first. [Bloomberg via 9to5Mac]



    I know that all of a sudden all the people at centerlink are using them, its actually sped some things up thank god!

    - FFS, dont feed the trolls!

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      Now they can just stand in front of you with a confused expression telling you they don't know and you'll have to call the call center, rather than having to walk back to the desk first!!!

        pro tip, get a job.

          Pro Tip: Im in university fuckwit getting my bachelor of education. I also work part time.

          Pro Tip: In future, don't assume. Doesn't 'make an ass of u and me', just makes you look like a douche.

            Pro Tip: We've had them for years, they speed NOTHING up, and it's mostly for show, as our standard apps don't work on them.

            Pro Tip: Don't carry on like a uni student hipster, they don't get very far in life and wind up spending lots of time in Centrelink, but not as a student.

              Im 35, older than most of you guys most likely, I don't quite fit in the hipster mould :P I've less time for hipsters than I do for time wasters. I've decided to get out of IT and into teaching maths. I appreciate the advice but don't need it thanks.

                Ahhhh mature age student... that explains the agression

                  Wow, how much thought and condescension went into that comment?

            Protip: You wont get a job in Education with a temper like that!

              Reality check: Noone on the internet is like they are in real life, despite their claims to the otherwise :P

    but it doesn’t seem unlikely
    Or to put it another way
    it seems likely

      Either way will do, depending on where you want the emphasis to lie.

      it seems likely there is a great chance

      it doesn't seem unlikely - there is not a great chance

      it seems unlikely - seems like its not going to happen at all, though there is a small chance

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