Samsung's New Fridge Has A Built-In SodaStream Dispenser

Samsung debuted a ridiculous fridge with Evernote that no one needs at CES this year. We can all agree that's totally silly. Here's something awesome from Samsung you actually might want — a fridge with a built-in SodaStream.

The RF31FMESBSR turns 60-litre SodaStream cartridges into seltzer with three levels of fizziness right from the water dispenser. It comes out in April with a starting price of $US3900. That is totally amazing (if you can afford it), because that's one less appliance you have to buy.

The fridge also has an ice maker, a multipurpose drawer in the middle, and it's supposed to help prevent freezer burn, among other cool fridgetech. But most importantly, the fridge giveth seltzer. That's a union we fully endorse. [Forbes]

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