Samsung Battery Reportedly Catches Fire In Some Guy's Pocket

What you need to remember about batteries is that inside of them is a volatile mix of chemicals, carefully harnessed to keep your gadgets alive. You'd be forgiven for thinking the worst thing that can happen to them is that they run out too fast, but really the most concerning thing is when they malfunction and, well, explode.

A South Korean man is reportedly recovering from burns right now after a Samsung battery caught fire in his pocket and had to be put out. Interestingly, the battery wasn't actually in the phone when it caught alight.

The battery was reportedly from a 2011 Samsung Galaxy Note. It's the second Samsung phone to explode in 12 months.

The man is now recovering from what are understood to be fairly serious injuries:

The man suffered second-degree burns and a one inch wound on his thigh from Saturday's incident.

Poor guy. Feel better soon! [AP]

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