Romain Jerome's Spacecraft Watch Looks Like It's From Another Galaxy

Taking a page from Tokyo Flash's bewildering design playbook, Romain Jerome's latest watch — the Spacecraft — takes an unconventional approach to displaying the time. But thankfully it's not as difficult as deciphering the array of dials and switches on a NASA-designed craft.

Looking itself like some retro spaceship that fell to earth from the heavens, the watch features a linear hour display on the side, and a rotating dial on top revealing the minutes. So while it doesn't quite require cryptography skills to decipher, it's still not easy to catch the time at a quick glance.

A case made from PVD-coated titanium and other hoity-toity materials ensures the Spacecraft isn't going to come cheap. But since it's targeted at pilots who may one day visit space, it's just assumed they're already sufficiently funded and can easily afford strapping one to their wrist.

[Romain Jerome via Damn Geeky]

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