Report: This Is The Site Hacking All Those Companies

This might be a clue about the hacking going on the past week or so. According to the All Things D, a malicious website is responsible for the hacks of Facebook and Apple.

The site reportedly used a Java vulnerability, using code built into the HTML of the site. ATD also claims that this is likely responsible for the hacks of Apple, and possible a common thread behind the myriad Twitter account hacks.

The hack isn't targeted at anyone specifically, but it's instead intended to draw users from across the tech industry to visit the site and become infected. The idea being that you won't click some idiot phishing link in your email, but you might seek out a site claiming to be an iPhone dev SDK.

We'll let you know as more information about iPhonedevSdk surfaces, and what it's doing with whatever data it received. Until then, that's looking like a very possible source of all the hacks. [All Things D]

Picture: gualtiero boffi/Shutterstock

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