ProxToMe App Lets You Send Files To Anyone Nearby

The newest app just begging to be hijacked by sexting tweens and exhibitionists alike has come to us in the form of ProxToMe, a file-sharing app that lets you send anything you want directly to any stranger's phone in your proximity. And what could possibly go wrong?

ProxToMe, thankfully, only allows you to send your file to others who have downloaded the app, so whatever happens, you'll be bringing this upon yourself. But even if someone has the app, you'll still only be able to see them if they're within a 75m radius — sending a rude photo to a stranger just isn't the same if you can't watch first-hand as a tiny part of them dies in the process. Adding to the fun, you'll also be able to see everyone's name and Facebook account, because what's there to lose at this point.

In the app's defence, you do have to accept file transfers before they can be downloaded to your phone. But curiosity is a powerful drug, and should you decide to open a file only to find yourself staring into the exposed genitals of the person next to you, you're free to block them entirely! As you then remain potentially trapped within a cheek-stroke's reach for an indeterminate length time.

The app could also be used as it's intended: to give bands and artists ways to share their work with the masses at shows and exhibits. If you're feeling daring or self-loathing, you can get ProxToMe free from the iTunes App Store as of today. [Mashable]

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