Preposterously Intricate Maze Took Seven Year's Of This Cleaner's Life

Almost 30 years ago, a Japanese cleaner casually drew a few lines, which turned into a few more lines, which turned into seven years of his life and the most demonically intricate maze — hand-drawn or otherwise — that I have ever seen.

As Spoon & Tamago discovered, this man's daughter (@Kya7y) just recently discovered her father's masterpiece before sending out photos of the work over Twitter. After asking her father (who still works as a custodian at a public university) about the inhuman feat before her, he explained that the hobby turned into a bit of a 82cm x 58cm obsession, to put it lightly.

The feedback to the tweets has been overwhelmingly positive, but still no word on becoming available. But for the sake of everyone's sanity, it's probably better this way.

[Spoon & Tamago via Colossal]

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