Popticals: Folding Shades Of Grey That Slip Into Your Pocket

Wraparound sunglasses provide as much protection from glare as you can get without having to resort to a full-on helmet and visor. But those curved lenses also makes them bulky and hard to stash away when not worn. So a company called Visoptical has developed a solution: sunglasses with a clever sliding rail system that fold away to a tiny package.

With a transforming act that's worthy of an Autobots emblem, the left and right lenses on the Popticals cozy up on top of each other so that the glasses can easily be carried in a pocket, instead of left some where they can be easily forgotten.

However, there is a catch. The rail system does add a bit of bulk to sunglasses that are already notoriously oversized, and the price of entry will be around $US229 when they're available this spring. [Popticals via Gizmag]

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