Own A Piece Of Mars Without A NASA-Sized Budget

Good news for anyone who has stared in envy as NASA sends rover after rover to explore and study Mars. You no longer need countless millions and a team of rocket scientists to perform your own experiments on the red planet. For just $US25 ThinkGeek will sell you your very own shard of our celestial neighbour.

Examined and authenticated by scientists, Martian shergottite NWA 4930 landed in northwest Africa and was confirmed to be a chunk of Mars that was presumably launched into space — and onto Earth — after a meteor crashed into the planet. For $US25 your piece of Mars is only about 2mg in size, but it comes tastefully displayed in a protective shell that includes a magnet for hanging.

Remember, given the rovers on Mars never return home, it's not like NASA's going to have access to a sweet souvenir like this. [ThinkGeek]

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