Not Even Podcasts Are Safe From Patent Trolls

Not Even Podcasts Are Safe From Patent Trolls

Patent trolls are awful. They want money for themselves and misery for the rest of us. Trolls have targeted tech giants like Apple and Samsung, music giants and now, they’re targeting podcasters in a move that might wipe some of our favourite shows off the map. You bastards.

The company responsible goes by the name of Personal Audio, who claims to have a patent that podcasters like HowStuffWorks and Adam Corolla are currently infringing.

The patent reads:

Apparatus for disseminating a series of episodes represented by media files via the Internet as said episodes become available.

Wonderfully vague.

The Electronic Frontiers Foundation has gone into bat for those under threat from Personal Audio, reporting that the company has sent letters to popular podcasters.

Right now it seems to be just a cease and desist process, but I doubt these beloved podcasters will give up their livelihoods just because someone sent them a letter. [EFF]

Image: Apple