Nokia Lumia 620 Coming To Australia: Find Out When And How Much

The Lumia 920 is a great device, as is its brother the Lumia 820. The only problem is that they're a tad expensive if you're one of those who loves to buy phones outright. Finally, Nokia is bringing the hip-pocket friendly Lumia 620 to Australia on February 22. Here's how much it is and where you can get it.

The Lumia 620 will go on sale from February 22 at JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman and Allphones.

The Lumia 620 is a lower specced version of its larger counterparts, and will set you back $329 outright.

It offers up a 3.8-inch 800x480 pixel TFT screen, a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Elsewhere, there's the option of expandable storage with a microSD card, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, a front-facing VGA camera, NFC and Bluetooth 3.0. That's it: no retina displays, no 4G, no gazillion-core processors, but for $329, it's not a bad way to jump into Windows Phone 8 on the cheap.

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    what network? i want to know if i can have this on telstra or not WITH nextg coverage

      It's an outright device, it probably won't be offered on a carrier.

      If it is, it's more likely to be Optus or Vodafone on the $29 cap. Even at that price, you'd still be paying a lot more because the inclusions on those plans are so much lower than BYO phone or prepaid offerings.

      The Optus $29 cap can be had for $7 a month from one of their resellers.

        It will depend on your needs. I never get close to my voice or data limits on my $29 Virgin plan, so my free HTC 8S works out to be exactly that - free. In fact, it's better than free because I used to be on a $39 plan. And I did some comparisons with outright, BYO and pre-paid plans and couldn't find anything that would have worked out cheaper over two years.

    Allphones have it now for $280 and it comes with a portable charger, I was looking through their catalogue today.

    $280 sounds like a really nice deal, most importantly Nokia claim 14hr talk time and nearly 2 weeks on standby, seems really good for a smartphone.

      And coming with a free portable charger is always a bonus

      If I didnt already have a 920 I might have gotten this

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    Last time I looked Hardly Normal had the 920 for like $650 or something stupid. If you call that expensive then you're a bit of a tightarse for a phone like that.

    In a world of $350 Nexus 4s $329 dollars for the bottom of the current line Nokia (the WP8 ones anyway) doesn't sound like a great deal. The reviews I read of this phone sound pretty good (for a low end device) but in the review they mentioned a price of 150 Euros ($196 AUD). Sounds like you may be better off skipping the Australian mark ups and looking for this one online if you must have a "cheap" current gen WP8 phone.

      Actually, the specs are not that different. Neither has LTE/4G support and both have NFC. If you are after a smaller phone than the gigantic Nexus 4, a Lumia 620 would make great sense.

        The Lumia is lesser hardware in just about every category, lower rez screen, way less ram, fewer and slower cores. Also you are buying into a vastly inferior app ecosystem.

        It does sound like a great budget device (I've been considering it to spend a little time with windows phone), unfortunately in Australia we get the budget device without the budget price, my final point is relevant here, if you want it I'd try and find it online for a more appropriate cost.

          If they both ran the same OS, your point would be valid but the Lumia runs WP8, which negates most of the specs. A higher res screen doesn't mean a better screen, it is a meaningless spec on it's own. e.g. I prefer the Lumia 820's "low-res" screen to the 920's high-res screen, because it's AMOLED and photos look better on it. Same with your assessment of the app ecosystem - if the Windows Store has all the apps you need, and that has been the case for me since it only had 20,000 apps, then it doesn't matter which is bigger or more comprehensive.

            WP8 may have all the apps you need but it doesn't for me and I would suggest many people that are used to iOS or Androids app selection would find the selection lacking (its mentioned in just about every WP phone review i've read) and its not just that there are fewer apps its that they are worse too (poorly supported or not even made by the actual apps devs).

            Your argument about spec was that they aren't that different which is wrong, now if you meant that none of those things matter to you then I can accept that. For basic operation (as a phone, light web browsing) I'm sure that the 620 would do just fine as the way that WP handles multi tasking and such puts less pressure on hardware. Like for like the 620 would probably outperform a similarly specced Android (Android has more overheads due to multitasking and other function choices) but the thing is the Nexus 4 has much better specs for not far off the same cost and in reality those specs do make a difference once you move past basic operation.

              Of course every review mentions the lack of apps, they have pretty much nothing else negative to say and they have ot find somethign. I don't recall ever reading that an iPhone was a bad choice when the App Store only had 120,000 apps (or however many the Store currently has) but somehow it is an issue for WInPhone.

              As for spec, they aren't that different in what they have to offer. It is a simple matter of degree. And what the hell is "basic operation"? Are you doing CAD on your phone? Everything you use a phone for is basic.

                3d or graphically intense gaming or apps are something I'd regard as beyond basic operation.

                When iPhone had 120000 apps there wasn't an ecosystem with more and better apps to compare to so it's kind of a silly thing to say it's not an issue now. I think there are plenty of other issues with Windows Phone coming from using Android but some of those would be the same issues if I shifted to iOS.

                I'm a big fan off Android but I'm not blind or an apologist for its failings, if you don't see the issues with WPhone then all I can say is love is blind/ignorance is bliss and must be nice to be a true believer.

                  There is a massive difference between being the better and being good enough. If an iPhone was good enough when there were 120,000 apps for it, then why wouldn't any other platform be good enough with the same number of apps available (assuming everything else is up to scratch, of course)? I've certainly never seen an app on any other platform I thought would be useful, or even desirable, on iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

      chise: In a world of $350 Nexus 4s
      I am still trying to find a $350 AUD Nexus on the web as you mentioned, so far I couldnt find any Nexus 4 for less than $450 AUD on the web.
      Would you mind to explain what are you comparing here in terms of Nexus price?

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        Straight from the source.

    $280 from allphones matches the current prices on ebay from hong kong, so to get an australian charger with australian warranty thrown in as well, with a real shop to take it back to if something goes wrong, is a fantastic bonus.

    Unfortunately I can't verify that price as the website just says "coming soon" (click on deals)

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      Thinks its funny you think all phones will be around long enough to return it should something go wrong.

      They closing stores left right and centre. Virgin and Optus dropped them
      As reseller from this year, Coles mobile trial cost them millions. Vodafone rumoured to be dropping them this year also. I suspect they won't be around at the end of this year at that rate

    They are $200 in Jakarta.

    Micro SD card slot as well. I can see Nokia selling heaps of these around the world.

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