Monday Night Web Movie: Watch Sarah Blasko Perform Live At The Sydney Opera House

Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko's dreamy voice and soulful tunes are the best way to unwind after a long start to the week, so for tonight's Monday Night Web Movie, we're bringing you her live performance at the Sydney Opera House right here on Gizmodo.

Blasko and the Sydney International Orchestra will perform at the Sydney Opera House tonight at 9pm (AEDT), and the good folk at the Opera House are putting the show up on YouTube for free.

This is the first in a series of events called Live At The House, and we'll be sure to bring them to you as more crop up.

Let the melody of this beautiful, award-winning songstress and the 40-piece orchestra wash over you this evening thanks to the legends at the Opera House.

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    Shame the audio is out of sync but it is great to be able to view stuff like this live on the internet. Can't wait until this is the norm.

      SOH or Google must've sorted it out, it is all good. I look forward to them putting more concerts on live.

    I watched it too; for a live Internet streaming show the quality was surprisingly good. There was a sync issue between audio and video at the beginning but they resolved it after a few songs. Well done, it was a great show.

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