Mega Faces Problems Over Copyright Takedown Requests

Mega and Megaupload sprang forth from the same loins, so maybe it's unsurprising that Kim Dotcom's latest venture into the world of file sharing is already running into problems. Here we go again, kids.

On one hand, Torrent Freak reports user complaints that legitimate files are being targeted for removal by bogus DMCA takedown notices. The implication is that Mega's automated file takedown system is too sensitive and that the copyright powers that be are attacking unjustly.

On the other, Dotcom has been vocal on his Twitter account saying that Mega hasn't been a target and that everyone is using Mega for legal reasons.

Kim Dotcom's obviously not the impartial party in this spat, but given the conflicting reports, we're wondering which one is it? Too many takedowns or hardly any at all? [Torrent Freak]



    Kim is such a dipshit attention whore, comparing any aspect of MEGA to Google, yeah totally, good one Mega.

      He is doing more for free speech then Google is.

      So yea, i think he can say what he wants.

        Yeah, Mega hasn't turned anyone's private details over to the Chinese government yet or censored little things like Tianamen square.

      He has more money than you because of it. Your argument is invalid.

        What, so someone can't be a dipshit because they're rich? Dream on...

      Bro, you're the dipshit. When MegaUpload was still up it was responsible for 1 to 2 % of ALL internet traffic. I think that alone gives him the right to make such comments.

      Dotcom is a big personality, and yes he's a muppet, but the guy is very intelligent and certainly has net credentials.

        Having enough drive to get rich doesn't make you "very intelligent". If if was so intelligent, then he would've structured his businesses in a way that didn't get him in so much legal trouble; there were hundreds of other file sharing sites that didn't get spanked by the feds the way Kim's did.

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          Yeah - and then it turned out his 'spanking' was basically illegal. He's probably going to make money out of this by the time he's done suing NZ authorities.

      Everyone here completely missed the point, Google operates currently at a US$ 50.17 billion revenue (as reported last year) and Google Search has an Alexia rank of 1, Google products index the whole publicly available web and others a major portion of it.

      Mega on the other hand only deals with a very small % of all of this, if Mega was anywhere near the scale of Google Search / YouTube / Etc they would be receiving many times the DMCA's Google receives and serves. And again the percentage of DMCA requests Mega will receive and actually action is much higher then Google. This has already led to bogus DMCA takedown requests leading to legal content hosted by Mega becoming unavailable to legitimate users.

    Of course they're going to target legitimate uses, they hate this guy and it's been shown many times before that they're willing to get dirty and make claims against properties that they don't own. I'd like to hope there's a counter-claim process to stop this in its tracks, but of course big content doesn't want to hear anything unless it's a bogusly expensive and locked down content deal that favours them and hurts their audience.

    Let's see now. Dotcom has never been convicted of anything. No one has checked whether the complaints against Mega are legitimate. No one has any evidence that what Dotcom said is wrong. Yet you're still convinced Mega is criminal.

      mass media getting the job done yet again!

    Would be cool if the Torrenting system evolved a bit and provided a bit more security/privacy like Mega has now done.

    Isn't the whole point of MEGA that everything is encrypted and you don't know what is infringing copyright and what's not?

      The thing is people are linking items via forums etc noting specific copyrighted content. At that point it is pretty damn obvious that the content is copyright infringing no matter how encrypted it is.

      Unless the people that are downloading it, are the same people that are then going and reporting it as copyright material? That wouldn't be hard to believe.

        Yeah that makes sense... but why would you?
        Someone sends you a link or a decrypt key for that movie or song you wanted, you download it, and then report them?
        That's like buying drugs then turning in your dealer...

          but why would you?

          Because you work for the RIAA or MPAA. The constantly download illegal content to prove that it is in fact illegal content.

    MegaUpload did apparently account for 4% of total internet traffic, and from what I just read Google was up around the 7% mark at that time so if you said a bit over half of that was YouTube, you'd basically be on par.

    That reply was meant to be @davis, but this commenting system never works for me.

    I don't get it... isn't it all supposed to be encrypted?

    If so, how is anyone able to tell if your file breaches copyright?

      Its all about keeping secrets, when everyone on the internet is invited to the party......

      If you tell too many people, the secret will be out.....

      Content Owners employ Trolls in the Forums and probably even host Torrents so catch the infringer (up-loaders and down-loaders....).

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