Mailbox For iPhone Finally In App Store, Along With Giant Waiting List

Mailbox, the new email client that has had the tech world all atwitter recently, has officially gone live in the iTunes App Store. Created by the productivity software masters at Orchestra, the ultimate goal was to reinvent the mobile-specific email experience.

Mailbox's greatest innovation comes in the way you address emails: a single swipe to side will "snooze" still-unread emails, allowing you to effortlessly set them aside as you deal with the more important messages first. Read emails can also be deleted with a single swipe, which will supposedly encourage more active inbox cleaning.

Anyone eager to get on board with the behaviour-changing mail client is probably in for disappointment. While the app is currently open to the public, you will still need to sign up for a wait list that has become almost absurdly long. But at least the app lets you watch your progress in line as it inches along ever so slowly. [TNW]

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