Vodafone Is Finally Being Sued Over Bad Coverage, 23,000 People Registered Already [Updated]

At the height of Vodafone's "Vodafail" controversy last year brought on by bad coverage, a shoddy network and about the same level of customer service, law firm Piper Alderman decided to get disgruntled customers to sign up to a class action against the telco. Today we got word that the class action is set to proceed.

A press conference has been called for 11am (AEDT) tomorrow morning, but already we know from Piper Alderman — the law firm at the centre of the class action — that it's about claims of poor coverage and dropouts made by Vodafone customers in 2010-2011.

Melissa Gunnsmith of Piper Alderman told us this afternoon that 23,000 names are already on the class action and the firm plans to file the suit officially in the next three months. Why the delay in filing? To bring as many more people on-board as it can.

We reached out to Vodafone for comment and the telco responded by claiming that Piper Alderman haven't been in touch to chat about the class action:

Vodafone is aware that a law firm which is known for promoting class actions plans to announce tomorrow that it plans to proceed with a class action. That firm has not contacted Vodafone directly about this nor has it sought to discuss the claims of any customers it represents in the class action with Vodafone.
Vodafone has not been provided with any details of the class action at this stage and is therefore not able to comment on the claims which might be made.

We'll be there at the press conference tomorrow for all the action.

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