Vodafone Is Finally Being Sued Over Bad Coverage, 23,000 People Registered Already [Updated]

At the height of Vodafone's "Vodafail" controversy last year brought on by bad coverage, a shoddy network and about the same level of customer service, law firm Piper Alderman decided to get disgruntled customers to sign up to a class action against the telco. Today we got word that the class action is set to proceed.

A press conference has been called for 11am (AEDT) tomorrow morning, but already we know from Piper Alderman -- the law firm at the centre of the class action -- that it's about claims of poor coverage and dropouts made by Vodafone customers in 2010-2011.

Melissa Gunnsmith of Piper Alderman told us this afternoon that 23,000 names are already on the class action and the firm plans to file the suit officially in the next three months. Why the delay in filing? To bring as many more people on-board as it can.

We reached out to Vodafone for comment and the telco responded by claiming that Piper Alderman haven't been in touch to chat about the class action:

Vodafone is aware that a law firm which is known for promoting class actions plans to announce tomorrow that it plans to proceed with a class action. That firm has not contacted Vodafone directly about this nor has it sought to discuss the claims of any customers it represents in the class action with Vodafone.
Vodafone has not been provided with any details of the class action at this stage and is therefore not able to comment on the claims which might be made.

We'll be there at the press conference tomorrow for all the action.



    Hope you can follow up on this as I was with Vodafone from 2000-2012 and switched to amaysim late 2012-present this was due to missed calls on my iPhone and Somy C905 Handsets.

    It will be interesting to see what the guidelines are for joining the lawsuit are, and how to join in?

    Please follow up once the press conference ends.

      All the information you just asked for is here:

    Hmm, every time Bill Morrow speaks it seems the only real problem that Vodafone has is that the government won't give Vodafone money. I wonder how he'll spin this???

    I was with 3 until they switched to Voda and I thought it poeple were just joking how bad Voda was. How much can you get? the lawyer fees are 25-40%.

    This is going to sink really fast. Unfortunately, theres no place in the contract where it states that you actually 'must' be provided a service at any stage within the contracted period. It only clarifies 'obligations' on behalf of both the network and the consumer. At no stage does the contract guarantee coverage at a home location, work location or otherwise. There also isnt any supporting legislation federally or otherwise that provides assertions that the consumer gets any afforded protections from consumer legislation.

    At most this will go around in a giant circle, wont go anywhere eventually leading to legislation being changed so that the consumer DOES get said protections, government / telco hands being shaken and piper aldermann being out a shedload of cash. Same as everywhere else in the world.

      If Piper Alderman thought this was a lead balloon, they probably wouldn't take it. That's not to say they couldn't lose still, but the law of contract as defined by any agreements in place between Vodafone and its customers isn't where this starts and ends.

      The best general example of this is probably the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, which implies particular guarantees/warranties into certain consumer contracts for goods and services. Not all of these can be excluded by The Competition and Consumer Act. Some can be limited or varied, but maybe Piper Alderman thinks the way that this has been done in Vodafone contracts would have problems being enforced. This act has a lot of similarities to the Trade Practices Act (which it replaced). The TPA might also be relevant if some of the class members had agreements with Vodafone before the Competition and Consumer Act came into force.

      I don't work at Piper Alderman though and have stayed away from Vodafone for years, so maybe they've got something completely different in mind.

        I'd say so. Unfortunately this has been tried and tested in many countries before. Unfortunately for Vodafone (and for me as a shareholder) they're now being punished by customer losses.

        The fundamental problem is that : Not on any contract - anywhere with any vendor - will you find a coverage guarantee, given that its impossible to do. While 30 days is acceptable, that particular item was added in march of 2011. While I'm no solicitor, I think Piper Aldermann is expecting a settlement more than anything; they know Vodafone has the world's biggest army of solicitors that could afford to literally drown them.

    Its a money grab by the lawyers, like most class actions.
    Those involved only usually get small amounts of money, i.e. <$100 but the lawyers get lots.

    Actually, telco's are required to maintain service coverage where they have indicated before contract is signed. If they fail to do so it is a breach and a consumer has the right to break their contract on this basis. I used this as a basis to get out of a shoddy Vodaphone contract. If the issue is ongoing and has a financial impact on those involved. I believe they have more than enough justification for a lawsuite

      Thats 'assumed' under the CCA of 2010, not factually stated. In legal terms, thats a big problem.

    I won't be joining in with the law firm's money grab.
    I've been with Voda for about 10 years now.
    Never once had any issues with them.
    I'm obviously one of the few by the sounds of it.
    Or maybe, just maybe, I have more realistic expectations of technology and am fully aware of its limitations.
    Either way, I'm not the one in a bad mood over it.

    I have nothing bad to say against Vodafone,I'm changing only coz I need ph coverage in remote W A country areas why have they no access?

    I've only got N iPad 1.why does the gizmodo link always crash on me?

    Just recently joined Vodafone from 3, worst decision of my life. Never have i ever gone over my phone bill, not even a cent and my first bill from Vodafone was $800 over for unexplained reasons. Hours on the telephone to customer service only to be told" I'm lying", it's "iClouds" fault, "apple has a virus in version 6.0" " you have opened a spam email". Blaming everything possible on apple even though they're the ones taking my money happily without a resolution on how to stop this. My smartphone is useless, i have been blocked off i have no 3G or data usage. I'd rather cancel my contract than deal with it, but I can't let them get away with it!!!
    Any advice on what I should do besides call the very unhelpful and abusive customer service line?

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