Long-Exposure Photographs Reveal How Lovers Sleep

I'm such a wild sleeper that sometimes I wake up in the most awkward positions. Face planted, facing the wrong direction, diagonal, on the completely other side — you name it, I've woken up in it. I was always wanted to know my movement patterns. Photographer Paul Schneggenburger created a photography series that showed long exposure pictures of lovers asleep. You can see who the big spoon is!

The project, called 'The Sleep of the Beloved', was created using a mattress fitted with a black sheet and lit by Christmas lights. Each photograph shows the sleeping movements of the couples over six hours (from midnight to 6am). You can tell who moves the most (I feel you, guys!) by how much of a blurry mess they cause. It's kind of creepy (but also weirdly peaceful) to watch people sleep, isn't it?

Creep on more sleeping pictures here. [CNN via Design Taxi]

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