Let Your iPhone Toot Its Own Horn With These Custom Brass Amplifiers

There are plenty of speaker solutions out there for turning your iOS device something of a future-boombox, but none are quite as awesomely old-school as using re-purposed brass instruments.

Hand-made by sculptor Christopher Locke, each "Analog Tele-Phonographer" is a custom piece constructed from one particular bass instrument and morphed into an amplifier that'll pump up the volume with no additional power. All the peices are for sale, from roughly $US400, and you can even commission Locke if you've got something specific in mind. At the moment, Locke has two available, one a french horn, the other a french horn-trumpet hybrid, for $US450 and $US675 respectively. Or you could make your own, but good luck with that. [Heartless Machine via Boing Boing]

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