Leaked Screenshots Reportedly Show Samsung's Smartwatch

Apparently every tech company is coming out with an iWatch/Smartwatch, and these screenshots — leaked from a Korean message board and spotted by SlashGear — supposedly show the time-telling wrist MP3 player Samsung has in store.

The device appears to be called the Samsung Galaxy Altius. That's a little confusing because apparently Altius is a code name that's been associated with the Galaxy S IV. Whatever it's called, it's probably safe to assume that the watch comes with a data plan, and it appears to have an LCD display. It also has a look that's very Android, along with different tiles — one for music, one that's a clock, and another icon for email. On the bottom, a slider bar suggests that the watch will probably have a touchscreen. The screenshots are 500 x 500 pixels each, pointing to a display of the same size, although that's just an assumption.

Obviously we're not even sure Samsung has a smartwatch planned, but the rumours seem to suggest that this product is to 2013 what the iPad was to 2010. Smartwatches for everyone!


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