Kogan Outs Cheap 8-Inch Agora Tablet

If there's one thing Ruslan Kogan does well, it's put out cheap gadgets. Fresh off the back of the Agora smartphone release, Kogan has now outed two new Android tablets, including a new 8-inch form factor starting at a competitive $119.

Following in the footsteps of the Agora smartphone, the new Agora tablets have more bang for buck than ever.

The two new tablets -- an 8-inch model and a 10-inch model -- both have the same specs and both come in at a pocket-friendly price.

The Agora tablets comes with a dual-core, 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and between 8GB and 16GB of internal storage space. Both run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the first Kogan product to do so, and both tablets have a 1024x768 screen.

The 8-inch model starts at $119 for the 8GB model, while 16GB will set you back $129. The 10-inch meanwhile is $179 for the 8GB model, and the 16GB is $199.

We quite liked the last Kogan Agora tablet to come through the labs, and hopefully with the better specs and lower price, we'll like this one even more. Stay tuned for a review.



    At last tablet pricing that makes sense, price difference between storage size of $10 - $20 as opposed to apples price difference of $110 between 16gb and 32gb models of the ipad 4

      It's unbelievable the mark-ups most companies charge for flash storage in tablets. It's quite disgraceful.

    Nice prices for "local" product. Also nice that the extra 8gb upgrade is only $10 on the 8" model. Interesting that its $20 extra on the larger model though.

    Finally a dual core as opposed to the my old Agora 1.2 single core 10". Looks like this can really be used, compared to the older model always struggling to even load a web browser. Seriously I just use mine now to stream stuff since it's not cut out to do even moderate stuff.

    One can't knock the price though, and since I use cloud services a lot the 8GB model would be more than enough for me.

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    It's worth pointing out that shipping is $29 (it comes from Hong Kong). You cannot actually get hold of a unit for $119. The unit will therefore cost $148 (still a good price). I am not suggesting this is misleading, but I did think it was relevant in the context of a discussion on pricing. Hope this helps!

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    I got myself the 10 inch one a week ago, yes it came from overseas and took the better part of a fortnight to arrive, but it's a fairly solid tablet (though the camera is atrocious) and works really well for toilet browsing.

      Quick question I bought at ainol tablet and it's terrible. Contemplating the kogan but worried the screen will be unresponsive/glitchy how do you find it,esp when using the keyboard while surfing the web. Thanks!

    A dual core what?

      (no, really, there isn't any need, I'm just glad to be of help)

    An even more impressive new tablet is the Quad Core - Novo 7 Venus which launched last week -- with one reseller - a site called TabletSprint offering this new model for $149 USD --

    The Novo 7 Venus is made by Ainol Electronics, which is noted for winning Runner-Up for
    "Best Tablet of the Year" at the 2012 international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and this new model compares to the Nexus 7 tablet but for considerably less - matching key features, including a Quad Core processor, a 7" high resolution multi-touch 1280x800 IPS screen, 16GB memory, a front camera, Android O/S and Google Play Store preinstalled -- while also offering a number of features the Nexus 7 doesn't - including a 2-megapixel rear camera, a MicroSD memory card slot, an HDMI 1080p port to download and watch movies directly from a tablet on a large screen TV and also project & play video games on to a big screen; plus more ways to connect to the internet, including Ethernet as well as 3G/4G Wireless connection through its USB port with a 3G/4G USB adapter.

    TabletSprint also includes $25 in Bonus Apps including several popular 3D Games and a Microsoft Office Suite program. Shipping internationally to Australia is $35, but stlll makes a great deal with the budget price of this full-featured tablet.

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