Here's Who Is Running With Julian Assange In The Wikileaks Party

Julian Assange's bid for a Federal Senate seat is going smoother than can be expected, after the Australian Electoral Commission reportedly accepted his enrolment as a foreign elector and the registration of the Wikileaks party. Here's where he's running and more importantly who he's running with.

Update: since this story was first published, it has been pointed out that neither Assange nor the Wikileaks party appear on the AEC's website as registered. We have changed this story to reflect that.

According to The Age, Assange has been accepted as a foreign elector.

He'll be running with several high-profile Wikileaks contributors and members, including his father John Shipton and other activists:

There's an ANU physicist in there, a freedom of information activist, a technology blogger, the founder of the Wikileaks Australian Citizens alliance and a cyber security consultant, among others.

It's also being reported that the Wikileaks party will run a candidate for Senate in a New South Wales seat.

Would you vote Wikileaks? [The Age]

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