Julian Assange Preps For Australian Senate Race

Getting yourself on the docket for an election is tough no matter where you are. I'd say it would be tougher for a political refugee like Julian Assange, though. Assange recently flagged his intention to run for the Federal Senate, and now despite the adversity, Assange is on his way to the race.

The Age reports that the founder of Wikileaks has this week had his registration for electoral enrolment was handed to the Australian Electoral Commission in Melbourne, signalling the start of Assange's run for a Victorian Senate seat.

Assange will reportedly be backed by a 10-man Wikileaks party full of activists for the cause. The party's registration was presented to the AEC yesterday by a group of Assange supporters, including his father, a Sydney-based architect.

Would you 'Vote 1 Assange'? [The Age]

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