Jeep’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked

Jeep’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked

Jeep’s Twitter account has been hacked, a day after the Burger King account fell. Must be a slow week.

The tweets the hackers are posting could either be from copycat or from the same culprits. Whoever it is said Jeep has been sold to Cadillac. Yesterday, they said McDonalds had bought Burger King. Less clever this time, guys. Whoever is responsible seems to have a thing for hip hop, or at least Chief Keef, similar to yesterday’s breach. Sure, why not.

And they might be from Philly, or at least like Philly rappers?

Twitter could easily stop all this hacking by adding two-factor authentication. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Update: It seems like a hacker by the name of iThug is taking responsibility, according to this tweet from a protected account. iThug is also a hashtag included in some of the @Jeep tweets. And we think he or she might have been behind Burger King too, although we’re not positive.

Update 2: Our friends over at Jalopnik talked to Jeep’s representatives, who said they working to resolve the situation. They also noted that Cadillac tweeted that they’re in no way involved (obviously).

Update 3: iThug is the name of a DJ from New England who is probably responsible. His Twitter account (@guhti_) has been suspended.