It Will Cost Vodafone $1 Billion This Year To Make Sure It's No Longer Rubbish

Every time Bill Morrow, Vodafone's CEO, has opened his mouth in the last 12 months, we've heard words fall out to the effect of "we're fixing it, we promise, bear with us". Now we're starting to see the brass tacks behind those promises, as sources now indicate that the company will spend $1 billion (with a "B") to reverse the Vodafail of it all. Here's what it's doing.

It's being reported by The Australian that Vodafone has already spent around $1.7 billion fixing its network to bring customers back, and this year there is reportedly another billion worth of spending money on the books.

Morrow says that cost comes from the extensive hardware work it has been doing:

If you consider what we've done, we have swapped out every bit of the hardware we had in the radio side of the network with the latest technology available

In an interview, Morrow talks about how he still needs to make the company leaner and smaller to keep operating costs down while it spends on new hardware. Have a read of the full interview for more. [The Australian]

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